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Software and Web Developer

Recent Projects

DejaVue - [code] - [download] - [blog]

• Visualization tool for Vue developers with 1500+ users - [code]

• Open on desktop and Chrome! Use keys to jam (freelance) [old version]

• Redesign improved inquiries by 250%

About Me

Hi, I'm Jon, I'm currently a pro bono developer at Food Oasis LA and an instructor at Beach Coders Academy. Before my foray into the LA produce scene, I co-created DejaVue, a visualization Chrome extension tool for Vue developers.

I'm familiar with most JavaScript frameworks and tools including React/Redux, Vue, and Node/Express. I stay up-to-date with whatever is the latest in the software world, and build personal things on the side that others may find remotely useful.

When I'm not working on my projects, you can find me practicing Spanish, sitting around a bonfire somewhere, or planning my next international trip. I care deeply about personal development, preventing climate change, and being a part of the open-source software community and am happy to connect with people with similar interests.

If you'd like to get in touch, feel free to message me or connect with me using any of my links below.